*the best life ever*

I am on a kick….to live the best life EVER!! I hope the capital letters and exclamation points conveyed my excitement.

Things I am doing lately to live the best life, ever

1. WALK it out: I go for walks in the morning and in the night. It wakes me up better than coffee and relaxes me better than a cup of tea. I heard that it is good to do something every day that energizes ya, this is it for me.

2. POD.CAST in my ears: I have the opportunity to learn about whatever my heart desires! This means learning about Keats, finances, psychology….you name it-the internet has it (more on what is streaming into my ears-later).

3. WWHD: If there is someone who has traits that I would like to have my favorite question to ask myself, is “what would_____do?” I love a clean room but cleanliness isn’t ingrained into my habits, so I ask myself “what would Hikuish do?” Hikuish is my super clean and wonderful host sister. More often than not, the answer is, she would fold her clothes.

4. PIANO: I am taking piano lessons! I think having the best life ever means doing stuff that you really, really, like-hello piano.

5. CRAFT: I always make sure to be working on a project; the cuter the better. This gives me something to do that relaxes me, and inspires me. Ahhhh craft you make my heart beat.

6. DANCE: I have a workout class with the girls here. It is fun to come up with moves, have something to look forward to, and plan for. Plus I get to dance!

7. LOVE: I have been working of just loving the heck out of myself. Really, totally loving me. It is pretty exciting. I think the more I able to be kind and loving to me the better friend, family member, volunteer, super women…I can be.

8. SNAIL MAIL: I love getting mail-I get so excited I actually squeak, “eeeks mail.” Even being far away I still feel so connected to people through the mail of the snail and email kind.

9. THE JOURNEY: This is it. I am loving every second of the journey. Sometimes I get this idea that life is suppose to start at some point in the future but there is so much life happening, right now.

10. MUSIC: I have been belting out songs as often as humanly possible and it feels really good. Sounds good?….that is another story.


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