*oh nuts*

Things I have done with nuts lately…

1. Cracked them

I actually didn’t know how to crack nuts prior to just a few days ago. The way that I attempted was first with pliers then I used a nut cracker and now I have the technique down.

2. Made a pie

I made a pumpkin pie with a hazelnut lined pie crust. This is where I put my nut cracking to the test….then I blended them in the best invention known to man, a food processor. The recipe is from one of my all time favorite food blogs 101 cookbooks.


Peanut butter is so easy to make and so delicious to eat. Peanut butter was one of those things I missed so much from the states now my longing is alleviated and my mouth is happy. YEAH!

4. Roasted them

It has become a tradition in my world to roast chestnuts. One thing I have learned when roasting chestnuts is you must cut a X into them. before you put them in the oven..if you don’t they will explode. You have been warned.

5. Jammed them

This blows my mind. You take a walnut before it is ripe and you peel the outside skin off the fruit. You then let them soak in a water-sugar-acid mixture for 10 days at the end of it you get the most interesting tasting jam-it is a little earthy and a little spicy and a lot of good.

6. Ate them

You and me both buddy

from berkleyillustration


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