*how to crochet a bone*

Bone, bone, bone, bone…

The head bones connected to the neck bone the neck bones connected to the shoulder bone the shoulder bones connected to the arm bone. Dem bones dem bones dem dry bones.

I just finished my socks and I wanted to make a crocheted dog bone for man’s best friend. I am adapting a pattern inspired from a great blog by a lady named, alicia. The pattern that she and others I found on the internet have you make two very lovely pieces then sew the two pieces together. I have another idea…  that looks much more seamless (because there are literally no seams).

These are my two halves that later I stuffed and sewed. Two becomes one.

But now how to make a easy crocheted bone

do this….

*With your crochet hook and yarn, ch 2.
Make 6sc in 2nd ch from hook.
2sc in each. (12)
Sc for 3 rounds.*
Slip to next sc and finish off.
Repeat between * * and join with first piece.

Yeah! Then…

Sc two sc’s from each round piece together.
{Then sc around each round piece, making one decrease on each one, and additionally making one decrease where they are joined.}
Repeat between { } twice.
keep on sc-ing (at this point you should have 16 stitches around keep on going until for about four or five inches (really however long you want it). It should look like the picture below.

As you get to the length of bone you want…

for 2 rounds increase by four  (I did once on each side and once in the middle of each side).
Join the center of your work to form the indent of the bone sc a sc together.
Sc for 2 rounds around your small circle.
decrease by crocheting two together for every stitch until you are done.
Then 6sc around and your bone should look like the one pictured below.
Stuff that ‘puppy’ with cut up cloth, or stuffing.

At this point you begin forming the second half of the bone. You crochet 2 rounds single stitch. Then you crochet two together for one round. Stuff some more stuffing into the last end. Then you crochet six around and you are done.

fun-E bone!!!





I have dreams of making skeleton hands trying to grope my guests who sit on my couch or perhaps something like what is pictured below until then I will just string bones from the ceiling, make banners of bones and have a mustache made from a pink bone-oh and make sure a doggy can have his fun too.

This is the art work of Ben Cuevas who did this instillation piece Transcending the Material. His other art work makes my heart beat-hearts, pills, rectums oh my!

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