*coffee swoon*

Dearest coffee,

As I drink my morning cup of coffee that tastes a little like the memories I hold of you but more so it tastes like tires and burnt cigarettes-I dream of you!

I really really miss you.

I long for the days that I will go to a cafe and order an espresso and sip you slowly as I read my book. Or sit at a shady restaurant and get cup after cup of you with a piece of pie or ice cream and a girlfriend. I want to go for long walks on a chilly fall day and order a cup of espresso with a little bit of steamed half and half and let you warm my hands as I sip on you and stroll. Every time I drink the coffee here that is made by taking spoonfuls of espresso like grade D coffee and heating with water-my heart feels a tinge of pain-The beauty, complexity and deliciousness that is coffee separate from the grounds, never discovered!

I use to work at a coffee shop and had tried a lot of combination of drinks; coffee with milk, soy, flavoring, shots on the bottom, shots on the top-I got a little wild. What I found is that my love is pure and simple and nothing can compare to an espresso-no sugar, no cream, no flavor- just me and that little cup of dark goodness.

I have been watching twin peaks lately and when ever I see Coops having an orgasm for coffee-I totally understand. Maybe it has something to do with growing up in Washington-home of Starbucks and living in a college town with the most coffee shops per capita. Or maybe this sweet Christian crack reminds me of my favorite things in life, good conversations, coffee shops, bookstores, long walks and friends.


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