*Things I want to do…*

100 Things I want to do…in my life

* make a Shepard’s pie* learn how to sew and make a dress* scuba dive* surf the waves* sail and crown myself captain * ski the slopes and wear a cute outfit* embroider a flower and hang it on my wall* Decorate my home exactly how I want it* learn a dance and dance on the street* wear a bikini* learn how to cable knit* screen printing* Make tea from the sun* bead work*  make a cake* make a quilt*Learn to play an instrument* learn how to draw-ish* see the norther lights* road trip in the us* Bike trip in euro* make a salad from vegetables from my garden* see a Broadway play* really learn how to take some pictures* write a book* make a book of my teenage poems and give it to people as gifts* learn how to pop and lock!!!* become really good friends with my family* Sunday dinners with friends and family for one month* have a jam making party* learn how to play bridge* hot air balloon!* Sunrise* do a handstand* learn silk dancing* Kiss Kevin every new years* Learn Spanish* Make my own alcohol!* make a little film* 5K* go fishing* Understand rules of tennis* Take one trip every year*Safari in Africa*all seven continents* get a dog and name it lemon* perfect the perfect drink* movies nights in the lawn* seriously, what is my favorite flower* cook a lobster* catch a crab (not crabs)* finish a people’s history of the United states * have a taxidermy animal in my home *play chess *preform some 80’s covers in a band in the us *set up a tent and sleep in it* ride a horse, fast *dog sled * get a character drawing of myself * may day! Bring back flowers on doorsteps and running* every month for the rest of my life go to at least one art event * drive-in movie theater * make an ode to my favorite president *make things and sell things on etsy * hula hoop around my shoulders * make stop-motion animation film * go to a puppet show * no pants subway ride * new Orleans jazz festival * learn how to roller skate backwards * make a sweet mix tape and give it to lots of people for new years * decorate a Christmas tree with no store bought ornaments * get in a huge snowball fight * go to a fashion show-dressed badly * get some footie pj’s *origami mobile * make my own ice cream * play twister *learn one card trick * one magic trick * one more joke * see the birth place of hello kitty * be in a parade * write to one person you have never met but admire * make or find some babies * get a professional massage * have a girlfriends spa weekend * make my own dried fruit with mother nature’s son * go to a hot springs* love myself, lots *write every day for one month*draw every day for one month*play croquet in low heals* have a big kid tea party *get political-read the news *write a letter to the editor*write letters to prisoners* be binge free for 3 months* join a book club* make something from totally recycled goods


9 thoughts on “*Things I want to do…*

      • I read it! I love getting a dog and naming it Lemon. And yes, I’ll be in Rwanda in a MONTH! Until at least July 2013. So let’s make it happen, or at least start with some letters.


        PS I read the list, all of it. Not as bad as I thought it’d be.

  1. Well, life list mine ain’t. I hope to finish it in a few years (then again, pending unexpected death, that may be right on).

    I have my tent in-country. It’s yours to borrow any time you want it along with any other camping gear. I can also recommend a few places to camp.

    I’m looking into building a 1 or 2 gallon ice-cream churner out of old car parts during the coming year. You in?

    I’ll do drum or guitar lessons with you whenever you want.

    And, as for the US roadtrip, I’ve got you covered.

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