*days like this…*

My day looked like…

*yoga before the sun came up*walking to school in the rain*hula hooping to New Kids on the Block*watching Invader Zim while knitting*a special hot chocolate drink*drawing*listening to little children singing yellow submarine

*and listening to this song…

Can you believe how awesome this song is. Gosh, I really want to learn synth (times that statement by a million). Music like this make me want to jump inside of the song and become a music note.


4 thoughts on “*days like this…*

  1. K,

    Reading your blog (not necessarily the context, but certainly the style) often reaffirms my love affair with the English language. Think of it this way – you pulled off the word ‘gosh’.

    Thanks for the pick-me-up.

    ~ Z

  2. This sounds like the perfect day! You can’t beat hula hooping to NKOTB! Today I got paid to paint, hang out with my friends, drink coffee and work on my blog. 🙂

    • I have the purest love for NKOTB-their music goes straight to my heart then it wiggles out through my feet and hands.
      It sounds like your day was pretty lovely too! Painting, friends, internet and coffee-all the things I love.
      Ps. your blog is cute!!!

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