*let the blog roll*

I have missed this….

Well that isn’t entirely honest. I haven’t blogged lately because I have found that I have been taken into the tentacles of life and have been busy and when I am not busy I find my mind preoccupied or my body hula hooping. I have been chewing up a lot of ideas about reality and myself and I am not sure it is at the place that it can be regurgitated, yet. But I have an idea that I think will light the firework (forth of July shout out) of passion that is sparked by a set schedule and obligations.

The 30 day quest. I am going to write little tidbits of information based on a general theme for a month and every month switch it up. This might sound lame but really I haven’t been crafting in a way that is interesting, my book isn’t good enough to write about it, I haven’t watched a movie in ages, but I have lots of information in my brain that I don’t know what to do with.

So this month because I am going to be “that person” is the month of the yogi.I was first going to make it health and wellness but I think it will be more interesting to have it be a yogi and my goal for this month will be to embody that for 30 days. I think this will definitely be interesting…at least for me.

Well lets start with this simplest aspect YOGA

I actually think this might be the most complicated aspect…woops. I am going to just talk about my understanding and my personal involvement with yoga. As a side note, I recall, I went to a yoga class with my mom, it was my mom’s first class-she knocked over workout equipment during the class, made the oddest faces and obnoxiously loud breathing and at the end of it-told me the yoga instructor was jealous of her flexibility.We had a blast and I will preface that people who get all pretentious about yoga are lame. Know what it is and what it can do but really just enjoy yourself. Some people (myself included) are all into the touchy feely aspects of life and some would rather not go there. It’s all up to you.

Yoga through definition of the word and through the practice is the unification of body, mind, spirit. Through the loveliness of marketing and get fit campaigns yoga for many it is like step aerobics, jazzercise, or any another exercise program but this is a gross disfiguring of it’s intentions but, like I said, you can get whatever you want from it. The thing that seperates hatha yoga (yoga of movement and posture) from good ol fashion stair master is the connection of breath and movement. I don’t know about you, but the last thing that I want to think about while on a piece of workout equipment, is being on that piece of workout equipment. I would bring magazines, ipod, books, dvds to the gym with me-it looked like I was a walking modern day library, heck anything to get my mind off of what I was actually doing. I would even open up a magazine not turn the page and just stare at pictures of hot celebrities and dream about getting their bodies (yuck).  Yoga, on the other hand, begs you to be right in the moment-leave your headphones at home because all you will hear is breathing, the silence of your mind and maybe some soft melodic music. Every branch of hatha is a little different and they all have different added bonuses to aid in connection, elevation and relaxation-some  have breathing practices, intention setting, chanting or  meditation. Some yoga classes are held in rooms with the temperature cranked up to 90 and the poses are always the same and some are done with variation based upon the needs of the class, there is most likely a type of yoga that appeals to you. Sometimes hot yoga would be what I was craving and sometimes I would go to the senior class so that I could take it easy and wind down.  Every class I have been to is a little different and teaches me something different. Yoga can also have remarkable healing properties for the body, you can contort the body to help alleviate physical ailments, lowering blood pressure, detoxifying the body, stimulating organs and can aid in health and wellness. The greatest health benefit can be the reduction of stress and the calming affect on the mind.

I will digress for a moment…from an evolutionary place our bodies are marvelous machines that have this mechanism most people are informed of, fight or flight. What this does is sends surges of hormones throughout our body in times of stress telling us either fight or well, run. Today, there isn’t a tiger or a honey badger that we need to be fearful of but there are a lot of other stresses that we create in our minds or are exposed to through media. It is self induced or you could call it synthetic stress because it is brought about through synthetic stimulous. Our minds are powerful as all hell but they are also kind of stupid and they don’t know the difference between what is really happening and what we are creating in our minds or seeing. So think about this-news programs, televisions show, movies, worrying, your bills, your relationships, your kids, the economy, the future, the past…AAAAAAAHHHHHHHH-you are freaking yourself out and our brains think all of it is happening to us, right in that moment.

Through creating a state of conscious relaxation yoga can remedy the surges of hormones that are screwing with your body, like puberty. And teach you how to relax into that state that is centered in the present and instead of surges of “oh crap” hormones flooding your system you can find peace and a little taste of connection. Moral of the story-yoga is good.

Different aspects of yoga appeal to different people, you might find that you really like one kind and don’t like another-if you have only tried one class or one video and it isn’t your thing-look again you might find something interesting. I went to a yoga class in the states and I really enjoyed the class until the instructor had us stand up and interpretative dance. Oh my gosh, I just stood there as he said things like you are a blade of grass in the wild, you are the waves of water, you are fire, you are wind-I literally did not move and never again went back. It was even more uncomfortable when I looked around and saw the ease that other people could be the wind, or water-all power to them but one thing I am not-wind. That was the only time I ever experienced anything like that, thank god! I am not anti people who are into that kind of stuff but this awkward lady prefers to be in a yoga class, back of the room, no one paying any attention and getting into my zone.

You can go to yoga classes, do workout videos, youtube video or use magazines or books. I have this book and my goal will be to do yoga every-ish day this month. Basically, as often as I am home and able, I am doing yoga.


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