*get your clean on*

Wake and Cleanse….

The next aspect of my ‘be yogi’ lifestyle is the morning routine and cleansing (what a sexy topic, right?).

Typically my morning routine starts with sitting in front of my computer, drinking tea, reading emails, checking facebook, reading for an hour, going for a walk, and then yoga. I am going to keep all these up but switch the order around and add a few things.

my new morning routine….

Wake and cleanse
For some reason, unbeknownst to me, there is actually literature about the proper way to eliminate waste from the body. First thing I am just going to say is, sick, (sorry I am not a yogi, yet) and I am going to spend zero energy writing about something I think that we are all schooled on and I am pretty sure our bodies are as well.
Moving on, teeth. The idea is that there is build up of waste that accumulates in your mouth and it is best to remove this before you consume any of your morning tea or coffee. So sleepy eyed and lacking caffeine brush those teeth. I am going to make a natural mouthwash by adding half a teaspoon of baking soda to a cup of water and a dash of salt for so fresh and so clean teeth.

Next on this interesting and exciting journey into the life of a yogi is nasal cleaning. It is really simple to cleans the nasal passage, this can be done using a Neti pot and a solution of warm water and salt, or you can be like me and just use a saline nose spray.
The final thrilling step is the one I am most excited about, the cold shower. This will be the strangest and most challenging aspect. I am use to a lovely tepid bucket bath, but for the purpose of X-treme, cold water here I come. First,  rub oil all over yourself, massaging and condition the skin (I like this part) then shower but keep it cold (or in my case, cold bucket bath) and WAKE UP!


Yoga am
I am going to start my morning with 15 minutes of sun salutations.

Walk it out
A 45 minute walk.

Yoga +
A full yoga routine for 30 minutes or more.

Meditation for at least 10 minutes.

Then Read. Email. Facebook. and other as time permits.


One thought on “*get your clean on*

  1. This is inspiring! I used to live like this; so disciplined. I’ve fallen out of it now and am trying to think of a way to balance my love for good cheese and wine with my love of sun rises and weighing 10lbs less. Reading this is making want to get back into it!

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