*free your mind*

Let it be

60,000 that is what I have heard is the number of thoughts an average person has per day. Ok, so this number is as about accurate as anything on yahoo answers, but that is beside the point. The point, your brain is full; full of neurons firing and electrical impulses, that take the form of your thoughts. I love thinking. It is one of my favorite past-times, along with picnics, dancing badly, and hula hooping. Sometimes my thoughts are really interesting and exciting, like NASA but other times they are like a hamster running in a hamster wheel, going nowhere. One of the most sci-fi things that I have been doing lately has been altering my thoughts, yogi’s love this kind of stuff hence it is part of my yogi lifestyle.

Altering your thoughts: the break down….

1. Awareness

Alright now I know that you have a swell little noggin and the first thing that you have to do in turning your brain into your buddy, is become a good listener. Just as in any relationship, pour yourself a cup of tea and sit down for a good chat. Settle down and tune in and turn up the volume, you have to actually become aware of the thoughts that enter into your brain. Listen to the voice inside of your head; what kinds of things is it saying? what is it telling you to do? Then listen to how it is being said, is it negative? inspiring? positive? Then check out your bod, how does this voice make you feel; energized, tired, weak, excited? But most important check the judgment at the door, just notice.

2. Ask questions

The thing to not do is get all hyped up emotionally and then ask, “WHY!? oh WHY???!!” I promise this will do nothing except cause you to feel more miserable, more helpless, and more hopeless. Save yourself the booze and the bellyaching, wait until you calm down a bit and then ask some questions and when asked properly, ‘why‘ can be a friend not a foe. For myself, I place a lot of value on doing stuff. Consequently, a lot of my thoughts consist of what I need to do, should do, want to do, or all that I am not doing and could be doing; all of these are riddled with judgment.
If I ask myself the question, “why do you need to do this action?” I would answer something like, ” because I feel of value when I am productive,” then I could ask further, “why do you feel of value when you are productive?” …and then I would just keep on asking and the deeper into the hole you go the closer you become to understand where those thoughts come from. Ask away, little Alice.

2. Identify beliefs

Once you identify the things that make you think the thoughts you thunk, aka the beliefs. You can take out your magnifying glass and notebook because there is some inspection (or introspection) to do Watson. The cool thing is it is like cleaning house, keep around the stuff that you like and toss out the stuff that is outdated and out of fashion.  But before you toss out the old you have to wipe some of that dust off and bring it into the light. Most likely this relic of a belief was formed when you were pretty young. You, most likely, didn’t have a say in this creation and it has stuck around you for the years that followed, without your knowing. It isn’t something that you consciously decided, I want to believe this about the world. Once you find it begin to ask more questions-is this true, has this always been true, will this always be true? The reason for asking these types of questions is you believe this on some level, what you are trying to do now is shake things up. Get yourself creating a world where, maybe. just maybe, this isn’t true.

4. change your beliefs

Changing beliefs sounds SO hard. Please, Change?! I took some class in school and there were all these stages and steps and gosh, maybe I am in contemplative or pre-contemplative or maybe I will never change? eeeks. Believe *wink* me, it isn’t hard. Some of the common beliefs that people want to change are about worthlessness, helplessness and other totally self-crippling ideas.  Once these beliefs are brought out into the open they often seem really silly and you might even be  amazed that you ever believed such a thing. Some, though, can require a bit more elbow grease to shine em up and turn them into something beautiful. If you know you want to implant a new, cooler, hipper belief you can do that-ask yourself, what would I like to believe instead? BE-CAREFUL, self-affirmations are really lame and don’t work. If you tell yourself, ‘I am healthy and beautiful’ and you really believe ‘I am ugly and unhealthy,’ it wont work, no matter how many times you look at yourself in the mirror and repeat what you want to believe. No way, you have to really believe it. To do this, you have to break the old belief apart. Write down this belief and then write down all the ways you are NOT that; see it, feel it, and then you will believe that you are not what you thought you were, once and you are what you want to be, now.

5. control those thought

This is the part where you have implanted your own beliefs. You have created beliefs that reflect the reality you live in now, they empower you and make you feel solid and grounded. They are you but they can change as often as you want them to because you have the ability to alter them through your own consciousness. woot woot!

6. Crap, I forgot…

What happens when life happens; work, jobs, kids… Armenia.These things happen and sometimes being aware is the last thing that we want to do. Perhaps, you want to just get through the day, zone out, shut down, and be done. I think there is absolutely nothing wrong with giving yourself some r&r baby, cause it ain’t easy all the time. Sometimes our brains run away from us, and what can we do? I have ideas….that I will be adding to the mix for when life does that thing that it does. More later in the meantime…

I love this…


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      photo info- I just think what sort of picture that I want-then I google image search or sometimes I just go to etsy search at etsy.
      Etsy has some of the cutest stuff known to man! Hearts

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