*Full of lovely stuff*

I know nothing about advertising, nothing. But I do know a few things about being a human and having a lizard brain and I think this advertisement by Skoda Fabia would push me to want to EAT (buy) that delicious cake car, while songs from my youth play and the environmental polluter becomes a friendly car cake.

In other Martha news: I have been ironing every single item of my clothing, folding them, and putting them away. It is utter hell. I just finished and in celebration I got wasted by myself and pretended I was at a dance club. I did the running man, I dropped it like it was hot and I am a little tipsy right now. I think Martha would do the same.  In sweeter news; I made Amy Sedaris’s cupcakes with a little girl today and she experienced cupcakes for the first time. Have I mentioned I love this women and her cupcakes.

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