Sometimes I like to think what kind of conversations Oscar Wilde and I would have. After realizing that he would make references to Shakespeare and I would stare into his eyes blankly for a moment, and then get Macbeth and Hamlet all mixed up-I thought, get schooled girl.

Now, I have been to the Shakespeare festival, in Ashland OR,  quite a few times, but I was 12 and I think I more amazed at the lithia water than the plays.

And I have been to Bard on the Beach, the Shakespeare festival in Canada.

So I am an amateur Shakespeare festival junky, and yet-I know so little. This, self proclaimed title, is slowly changing and I am on a mission to watch as much Shakespeare (yes, I said watch-you intellectual jerks) as humanly possible. I just got done watching the bbc shakespeaRe-told of Midsummers Night’s Dream-it is pretty lovely and highly recommended. I think I will still try and see the actual play so that I can be lost, confused and bewildered by the language and be able to converse with, and impress, Mr. Wilde in my head.


let’s take a moment and give much respect to a man who has made a difference in this world



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