*your relationship might suck…*

Maggie and I were thinking about how you know you have a suck relationship and we figured there are a few things that you can tell before he moves in, dates your best friend, and tells you about his love for Jewel to let you know, this relationship might suck.

He is a thespian

He is a nazi

He is on his death bed (does not count if he is Mark Twain)

He is addicted to muscle milk

He sings with his eyes closed

He is a singer in a psycho band

He lives with his mom

He goes to raves

He is allergic to everything

He is an adult baby

He thinks dinosaurs were placed here by satan to make us doubt god

He like corn, slipknot, insane clown posse, or savage garden

He is robot, cat, or a fake man doll

He has a collection of stuffed animals, just in case

He wanted to make things more exciting by pretending you were related

He drinks budlight

You met in Cancun

He wants you to change your relationship status on facebook

He uses a bluetooth

He gets boy vajazzled

He has a tribal tattoo

I am sure there are more but these are just a few…


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