Sometimes I have these little ideas that don’t get any further than my frontal lobe.

Thoughts are moving. There is something gratifying about typing, seeing the thoughts take shape and find a glimmer of something interesting. This blog is visited consistently by a small group of people who might be a little bit like me-and sharing with all of you might propel my little ideas into something more. Maybe. Then again Maybe not. Either way, who cares.

Ok that being said there is a clash between all of the things I want. So i have some reconciling to do, some planning and some failing. Most likely lost of failing any good plans have a good amount of failure.


One of the biggest tangible and intangible barriers to doing most things is sweet cash flow. So I am going to outline a few ways that a gal who works part time, loves pretty things and spas, and is a student could save money. In a hope that I will do these things.

Put it away:

1. Out of sight out of mind
Every payed check have a specific amount of money go into a savings account that can not be seen or touched easily.
*currently doing this

2. Cash Back
When a person or machine asks “cash back?”, Say yes and put the 5 dollars in an envelop and save-deposit in savings account monthly.
*not currently doing this

3. Save your pennies
Put your change in a piggy bank. Put your piggy bank is an area you will see daily.
*not currently doing this

Spend less:

1. Make lunches or in my case breakfast, lunch and dinner
Make your lunches for work or school. Making food is always cheaper than buying food.
*I am sort of doing this. I need to think about what types of food to bring. I am gone all day at school and bringing breakfast, lunch and dinner isn’t easy to carry.

2. Buy gas at the same cheap place-everytime
Know the spots that have cheap, quality fuel and go there.
*not currently doing this.

3. Bring tea everywhere
This is life changing. I drink tea in the morning and tea in the afternoon. I bring tea with me everywhere. It is easy to carry or stash in your work desk-do this-it is simple.
*currently doing this


1. Pay in bulk (when you can)
When possible pay insurance for car in 6 month to a year increments. Pay rent, loans, bills in bulk when you can.
*Currently doing this.

2. Only buy things you love
The idea behind this is that you work hard to make money, you should spend it on things you love. I believe in a philosophy of only owning a few things but loving all that you own
*currently doing this

3. Use cash
This is a classic idea. Touching the green will connect you to the physicality of how much you are spending.
*not currently doing this

Ways to relax with out spending money:

1. Take a bath
This is my favorite activity: I pretty much take a bath every day.
*all over this

2. Drink tea
I should come up with something better than drink tea but for now-this is what I got
*currently doing this

3. Cook food for friends
This is a new idea. It will cost a little because I will have to buy supplies but it is a perfect stress release
*not currently doing this

Things that I can spend $$ on:

1. Fitness classes
This is a good investment
*totally doing this

2. Stitch fix clothes
Buy clothes, but buy ones you love and when you have the $$ to spare. Schedule stitch fix once ever two months.
*not currently doing this

3. Spa
I love the spa. There are ways to make it cheaper: make appointments in advance and save 10%, join the spa club to get discounts, buy less products.
*will jump all over this.

Things I should spend less on:

1. Food while traveling
I travel for school and work on a regular basis. It can be be long day and I don’t always pack enough food. Here is my new idea: Bring breakfast: egg or yogurt (something easy for the train), Lunch: protein and vegetable (can be heated up) dinner: salad or sandwich (something easy for the train). If I do buy food-buy delicious food not that weird pork thing from the asian grocery store that is cheap.
*working on it

2. Tea/coffee/beer/wine while traveling
In part because of the traveling I buy chai tea or beer when I am studying or waiting for the train and often wine when I am on the train. I bought a 15 dollar mini bottle of wine last night on the train. Ideas: Bring tea. If you must buy tea-buy cheap tea. Buy wine, on the train, once a week.
*working on it

3. Food at convenient, more expensive, grocery stores
I live right next to one of the most expensive grocery store in town-I googled it. I go to there because it is smaller, quiet, I know where everything is and it’s on my drive home. Yet, that other store that is still fairly close: Fred Meyers, is considerably cheaper. I sort of hate Fred Meyer but in an effort to make it not suck: I will make myself some tea, and shop on a weekday and for other special items: Skagit Valley Co-op (it is expensive but they have high quality goods and it is cheaper than our Bellingham Co-op)
*not currently doing this

This is a good list: most of these ideas are realistic and attainable right now in my life. I will keep you updated how this progresses. Wish you all the luck in whatever you are working on. xo


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