I awoke in typical, I drank a bottle of wine by-myself fashion, with a dry mouth and confusion at 4 this morning. I can already sense this little note will be littered with mildly relevant cultural and pop references and have little to do with the crepes I just ate for breakfast.

Beginning on the journey of my morning: 4 am

I read a little of the book Julie and Julia 

I hate the main character (the author) of this book. She is self indulgent, self obsessed and not the kind of person I would want to be friends with or invite to a dinner party. I am not the largest fan of this book, yet I feel like this book is an appropriate read for my month of Martha. The main character was making crepes in the book-so I thought…let’s makes some crepes.

I made crepes

my last three crepes turned out exactly like my first two should of.

I wanted to make Spinach-Gruyere Gateau de Crepes

but I didn’t have all the ingredients. So I mixed mustard and sour cream and put it with some chard, onions and curry powder-Lesson 1. don’t do that ever again.

I organized my spice rack for the second time this month. Lucky for me I actually enjoy organizing it and I have no clue how to keep it organized, it works well for me.

Then I watched videos of the adorable Julia Child

And the mind-numbingly annoying Julie Powell

and researched what to do with egg cartons..


Two cups of coffee later, laundry done, and counters cleaned, this type of a morning makes me want to drink wine and dance everyday.
That is until 6pm roles around and I am tired and have to go to bed like an old person in a nursing home. Eh, I see no problem here.

*toilet paper is art*

I made art today…

I had seen a really interesting art project at DesignSponge*  making wall art with toilet paper rolls.
There are some other really cool projects done with this accessible medium you can see here.

I know that toilet paper rolls and art don’t seem to go together but I promise the project is easy and the results are great.

*Take your tp rolls and cut each one into about five strips.
*Then lie them out in a design you like
*Glue the pieces together
*Hold them together with clothing pins
*Hang on the wall



*Russian photos*

Things I love…
Organizing all of my paper work and finding books, and tissue paper I had stashed away for a future project and then carpe diem the crap out of it.

I had collected some old Russian children’s book that I had planned to cut and make into cards to send people. As I was flipping through them looking at the photos-some of them were so bizarre and interesting and just waiting for a judgmental American to poke fun.
I had all the things I needed;
an X-acto knife
a thunder storm for inspiration
New Kids on the Block pumping into my ears
….and a mature and classy sense of humor

You can look at more pics at here…


*blue balls*

I dyed wool and then felted it into little balls that I can make into earrings or necklaces today…

*dyeing wool
i went to this web site to help with the dyeing process.
I used food coloring for my dye and it turned out looking great
-soak the wool in part water and part vinegar mixture
-heat the wool on a low simmer with color until water is clear

*felting wool
i went to this web site to help with the felting and making of wool beads.
-I found I needed less soap than I thought I would need
-hot water works better than warm water

I then strung them into a necklace…

My felt beads have lots of little hairs sticking out.
This was my first time felting anything but I think it might be due to the wool, straight off the sheep.
I used warm water and soap for this batch but next time I want to try needle felting.
The great thing about these felt beads are they are so versatile-I would love to make this sometime.


I made my first knitted dress…

A lovely friend of mine sent me a very large and very comfortable sweater.

I took it apart…..

and made myself a dress..

Through this 3 month project (yeah 3 months) I placed deadlines for completion that I miserably failed at, and had to take the little thing apart more times that I feel comfortable disclosing but it was all worth it.
I have a dress I made!

I didn’t use a pattern, I just held the fabric up to my body and went for it-it was easier that I imagined and turned out looking surprisingly, like a dress, a little big, but nothing a belt can’t fix.
I am pretty stoked on this, it is 100% wearable!