I have embarked on a journey into the world of bread making. Currently I am waiting for bread to rise so that I can knead the dough and then wait some more.

This video is exactly that, the art of bread making and it displays that the art of bread making is as much about the bread as about the space in-between the bread preparing, kneading and baking.


Here are the secret of sourdough-science on the spot: sourdough

I made a bread baby with the spermatozoan and haploid of wheat, buckwheat, and rye.

It was so cute and so delicious.


Sometimes I like to think what kind of conversations Oscar Wilde and I would have. After realizing that he would make references to Shakespeare and I would stare into his eyes blankly for a moment, and then get Macbeth and Hamlet all mixed up-I thought, get schooled girl.

Now, I have been to the Shakespeare festival, in Ashland OR,  quite a few times, but I was 12 and I think I more amazed at the lithia water than the plays.

And I have been to Bard on the Beach, the Shakespeare festival in Canada.

So I am an amateur Shakespeare festival junky, and yet-I know so little. This, self proclaimed title, is slowly changing and I am on a mission to watch as much Shakespeare (yes, I said watch-you intellectual jerks) as humanly possible. I just got done watching the bbc shakespeaRe-told of Midsummers Night’s Dream-it is pretty lovely and highly recommended. I think I will still try and see the actual play so that I can be lost, confused and bewildered by the language and be able to converse with, and impress, Mr. Wilde in my head.


let’s take a moment and give much respect to a man who has made a difference in this world


*what you sayin boy*

Sometimes I wonder, where have I been? I mean, yeah I know Armenia but where have I been for the past six years that I had no clue who the Danielson family are until I watched the movie about them.

I dig it

the rest of the family started this cute little fashion business called mamma made designs, for mom’s and the things they produce (hehehehehe, literally).

Mamma Made Designs and Danielson – Easter Lamb Dress from Sounds Familyre on Vimeo.


What an amazing man

The movie American: The Bill Hicks Story, directed by Matt Harlock and Paul Thomas.

I have just discovered Bill Hicks and I find his comedy, hilarious, relevant and like a little fish of wisdom, in a stream of mediocrity. I picture him (via youtube) spreading his version of truth in dark bars while people clink their glasses and say, “Fuck, he is right” and if maybe they don’t think he is right at least they can think “Damn, he is funny.” They would pour themselves another glass and raise it to him, drinking to a man who once was and (thanks to internet, memories and movies) still is.