*Bread and Butter*

Weekdays are extremely busy for me. I travel from Bellingham to Seattle, sleep in girlfriends bed, snack on breakfast in class, and lunch in front of my computer at work. I don’t get to just settle into my home and be comfortable. So during the weekend, my remedy for the madness of Mon-Fri, is to get comfortable in my kitchen. Admits loads of laundry, cleaning, and homework, I make one hell of a mess in just a few feet of space.

Even though this is the time for me to make a cup of tea, listen to classical, and turn up the oven-I don’t get too cozy. I make food that are “experiments.”

This weekend I  made two very different types of bread. One was amazing and the other was weird.

This bread was amazing.  Gluten free (paleo), pumpkin banana bread. I brought it to a harvest party and, though it looks like mud, it was gone quick and people loved it.


I ran out of eggs on this first batch of bread (I think our chickens are preoccupied doing other things besides laying their eggs on schedule with my baking needs) and thought I would do a vegan -gluten free bread. Ugh.

The recipe for almond banana bread seemed really exciting. You take chia seeds and let them plump up in water and add them to your bread. The reality, I had to mess with this recipe to try and get the right consistency and it still turned out crumbly and lack luster. The sadder reality, I still cut this bread into serving size pieces and put it in the freezer, thinking I might eat it at some point.



The lesson that I have learned from this is when all of the comments say. “this LOOKS amazing,” ” I can’t WAIT to make this.” Don’t trust it and don’t make it.




I have embarked on a journey into the world of bread making. Currently I am waiting for bread to rise so that I can knead the dough and then wait some more.

This video is exactly that, the art of bread making and it displays that the art of bread making is as much about the bread as about the space in-between the bread preparing, kneading and baking.


Here are the secret of sourdough-science on the spot: sourdough

I made a bread baby with the spermatozoan and haploid of wheat, buckwheat, and rye.

It was so cute and so delicious.

*little miss, how does your garden grow?*

I have this problem of believing everything I read. Luck for me this belief in text usually takes stronghold when the books I am reading are full of nuggets of wisdom, insight and give me a greater perspective of the world, like the omnivore dilemma, am I little late jumping on the bandwagon? I had heard about this book and I have a good friend that would wear a I heart Michael Pollan shirt if they made them, but I thought come on, I know these things-I read fast food nation I don’t need to re-visit slaughter houses to get it, I was wrong. As fast food nation is a critic of exactly what it says it is, the fast food nation. The omnivore dilemma gives a more holistic view of our nations obsession with food and our governments support or lack of support within that. It peers into the organic movement and the local movements and the struggles and rewards of small farms, farmer markets and the CSA system(community supported agriculture). It makes me want to grow my own food, preserve it with canning and pickling, and make wine and cheese. I have had these sorts of longing but now I think about it with such ridiculous obsession and I have planned how I can learn all of these tasks in Armenia in the months I have left in country.

For those in the US. There are many a’ resources for you: There are community gardens, farm to school programs, and community support systems for new and old gardeners.

Roger Doiron wants to start a revolution in your back yard! That is a revolution with veggies.

some fun things:

smart gardener-This is the best garden tool. It tells you when to grow what, what is best for your area and size of garden, you can develop garden plans and layouts and customize to do lists. wowser.

simply canning-The mother load on canning, dehydrating, freezing and home food preservation.

canvolution!-canning across America, support, recipes and fun.

*baby it is cold outside*

Don’t ask me why, as the snow slowly crawls down the mountain sides I have become a morning, cold smoothie fan. Perhaps it is because as the weather gets colder the availability of vegetables decreases or perhaps it is because with a morning smoothie I get to experiment and feel so energized afterwards.

Perhaps some of you know about this guy

well, it turns out the milk isn’t really as good for you as we are told. The thing about “needing milk for healthy bones” is actually a lie. What happens is milk can actually strip calcium from your bones leading to higher rates of osteoporosis. I remember reading the book, Eat, drink and be healthy, The Harvard Medical School Guide to Healthy Eating  and well they talk about the negative effects of milk consumption and the lies we are told by the milk industry.

The newest ideas about nutritional health is based on what they call the healthy plate

What does this have to do with smoothies you ask?

Well I have found that since dairy is playing a minor role in my life I have had the opportunity to make milk of a different sort-that of nuts, oats and grains.

Nut milk
soak nuts overnight
blend nuts with water
add vanilla, stevia or other sweetener, cinnamon…(whatever you like)
Oat milk

cook 1 cup of oats
add4 cups or so of water
1 banana (can be omitted but it gives the milk a nice sweetness)
vanilla and sweetener
Rice milk

cook one cup of rice in 8 cups water for 3-4 hours
add vanilla, sweetener…

The reality is making your own milk is really easy and really fun. Give it a try. All you need is a blender and some nuts, grains or oats.

*cut, so good*

I am resisting the urge to go out and buy 15 eggs and more vinegar and lock myself in my kitchen until I can finally poach an egg. I attempted to poach an egg according to Martha, with no luck. But I think breakfast rolls around once everyday and I have a date with a pan, water, egg and vinegar tomorrow morning and I am going to try a different method, thanks youtube.

Other things think I have learned from youtube..
How to cut an onion

a cucumber


and garlic


I awoke in typical, I drank a bottle of wine by-myself fashion, with a dry mouth and confusion at 4 this morning. I can already sense this little note will be littered with mildly relevant cultural and pop references and have little to do with the crepes I just ate for breakfast.

Beginning on the journey of my morning: 4 am

I read a little of the book Julie and Julia 

I hate the main character (the author) of this book. She is self indulgent, self obsessed and not the kind of person I would want to be friends with or invite to a dinner party. I am not the largest fan of this book, yet I feel like this book is an appropriate read for my month of Martha. The main character was making crepes in the book-so I thought…let’s makes some crepes.

I made crepes

my last three crepes turned out exactly like my first two should of.

I wanted to make Spinach-Gruyere Gateau de Crepes

but I didn’t have all the ingredients. So I mixed mustard and sour cream and put it with some chard, onions and curry powder-Lesson 1. don’t do that ever again.

I organized my spice rack for the second time this month. Lucky for me I actually enjoy organizing it and I have no clue how to keep it organized, it works well for me.

Then I watched videos of the adorable Julia Child

And the mind-numbingly annoying Julie Powell

and researched what to do with egg cartons..


Two cups of coffee later, laundry done, and counters cleaned, this type of a morning makes me want to drink wine and dance everyday.
That is until 6pm roles around and I am tired and have to go to bed like an old person in a nursing home. Eh, I see no problem here.