I made my first knitted dress…

A lovely friend of mine sent me a very large and very comfortable sweater.

I took it apart…..

and made myself a dress..

Through this 3 month project (yeah 3 months) I placed deadlines for completion that I miserably failed at, and had to take the little thing apart more times that I feel comfortable disclosing but it was all worth it.
I have a dress I made!

I didn’t use a pattern, I just held the fabric up to my body and went for it-it was easier that I imagined and turned out looking surprisingly, like a dress, a little big, but nothing a belt can’t fix.
I am pretty stoked on this, it is 100% wearable!


*we make a good pair*

I made these for this for a guy I like….

I started them before Christmas and just finished..it is the middle of January. While making these sweet items I taught myself a new knitting technique called continental. It has rocked my world.

To make these socks was real easy. I followed a youtube video for the most part that took me on a step by step journey that I could pause, stop, play, and re-play. Perfect for just learning.