*grandma smells*

Right now…

I smell like an old women, but it isn’t an old women like my grandmother who smelt of cigarettes and dog piss-I smell like an old women who wears hats and lipstick and gold. That’s right, Chanel is on me. I went into one of those fancy shops and acted interested in buying something and sprayed myself with my most favorite scent Coco Mademoiselle by Chanel. I don’t care if it is a bit of a “mature” scent-I smell so good and according to the web site it is young and exciting, who knew I thought it was just the most delicious way to mask wrinkled skin and old person scent.

I also got my art on….

I went to the Modern Art Museum of Yerevan today where I saw some really interesting work. Here are couple of the ones I liked more than others.

This painting is done by an artist by the name of Hakob Hakobyan you can see more of his work  here.

I also really liked the work of this artist, Jean Carzou he was a French-Armenian artist and the first living artist to have his artwork appear on a French stamp.

This is the work I saw at the museum, the Scarlet Room.

If for your own knowledge and/or self torture you would like to explore a mind numbing amount on information about Armenian Art, check out this site. There is also a link of Armenian photos which I found to be much more friendly to my eyes, especially page three-Armenian babes.