*Lady you look Lovely*

I will tell you a little secret. I like to spend a considerable amount of time shopping on-line. I love searching for the perfect color and finding the exact item I have been dreaming about. I get a kick out of pressing ‘add to cart’ and ‘continue shopping’  and then after I have found everything that I have been pining over or after I realize I have just wasted an hour (ahem two hours) of my life, I take a deep breath and I move my curser to the top right of the screen and I close my browser.

My co-workers has impeccable fashion and orders kick ass shoes on-line often. She has them delivered to work and I can’t help but glance over and think, damn I need to go that website. She reminds me of the lovely ladies of Advanced Style. 


The fact that I haven’t blogged in awhile feels like christmas as a kid. It should be bigger and better than it is; the jello doesn’t set right, the meat is dry, and I end up hanging out with my all-boy cousins who want to play video games. Then at some point it is not longer what is but what it is to me, and christmas become magical again and I, humbly, post videos about old women and fashion.

*Brazil, it’s hot*

New music I discovered today….

Elis Regina was an amazing Brazilian singer who died at the young age of 36 from parting really too hard. Her voice is truly beautiful and I don’t understand a single word of this song but it just explodes and at the end she is just the cutest and looks like she is having a blast creating this piece. Enjoy!

also she is a total babe

I just discovered this amazing singer….then I thought to myself I wonder what else Brazil has. So I searched the interwebs and found that the snow outside my window though charming to look at doesn’t have the same feel as sun, hotties, and mullets (wait we have those here).

Things that Brazil has…

1. girls that look and dress like this

2. and this….

via the fashion spot

3. this guy

via Hipster na Cidade

4. bible preaching babes i mean babies

via vice

You can check out The Brazilian issue of vice.

5. waterfalls, beaches, sun and a kick ass good time (so it seems)!

via lonely planet




Sometime soon…all the things Armenia has. *ideas* mullets, gold teeth, poverty, massive amounts of candy, some of the kindest people that I have ever met, and ME!