*things I love*

These are 10 of my favorite things that are causing me to smile-lately

1. walk outside

2. read books

3. talk to people on the street

4. have fun! my fun-hula-hooping and loud music

5. write hand written letters and thank you cards

6. set a alarm and wake up with the sun

7. make pretty calendars and goal lists

8. water-be near in, be in it, and drink it up

9. make a salad with fresh veggies

10. have a picnic

*Russian photos*

Things I love…
Organizing all of my paper work and finding books, and tissue paper I had stashed away for a future project and then carpe diem the crap out of it.

I had collected some old Russian children’s book that I had planned to cut and make into cards to send people. As I was flipping through them looking at the photos-some of them were so bizarre and interesting and just waiting for a judgmental American to poke fun.
I had all the things I needed;
an X-acto knife
a thunder storm for inspiration
New Kids on the Block pumping into my ears
….and a mature and classy sense of humor

You can look at more pics at here…