*home oh home*

I have been making a house a home….

I just moved into my new home and amidst water leaking, sparks flying from electrical outlets, washing my dishes in the bathtub, and cleaning my house while wearing a headlamp because my power has gone out I am making this house my home. I think there was a mild amount of revolt from the house and it had to spew its guts before it settled and accepted me-it still has some mild freak outs and, just today, I moped up water that had escaped from some unknown place. Little by little I think we are beginning to understand each other and little by little I think this place is all right.
In the past couple of years I have developed a solid love for home decor. I have always had a bit of a fascination and my favorite aisle in every store is the house wares. I love wandering and looking at blenders and coffee makers and all sorts of shinny stuff that I don’t really need but oh, I want. This love then shifted to the blogospher. I can search and explore peoples house, like a voyeur, and I begun to realize my dorm room style crap everywhere house, inspired by my mother, wasn’t anywhere near as fab as the stuff on the internet. So I slowly, very slowly, learned little by little how to keep a home. Then I got uprooted and had to pack everything for the next two years in two bags and live in a small room where rugs are tacked to the wall and used as decoration.
But now, all that is changed and I have my very own place.
I perhaps give to much thought to my dream home but I don’t really want to talk too much about this home here, lets explore things that are cuter.

one of my all time favorite homes is owned by Amy Sedaris


I also love this home of trish grantham

She has a beautiful antique globe in her house. After thinking long and hard of what I want to collect; I thought about snow globes, cute little animals, vintage sewing patterns, sailboats, beanie babies, plates with presidents faces on them…then I realized the world is where it’s at.

This is Sharilyn Wright she is so cute and her blog lovely design is well, lovely.


This is from apartment therapy via houzz.

So, I think I have to end this before I get too excited with a song that is so fitting…