*live the language love L^4*


It really is so true that living in a place expedites language learning 10 folds. How can it not! I mean, really, if I want to eat, sleep, go anywhere, do anything, I better be able speak with my hands, body, eyes, or better yet my lips. Gustav Johansson produced some beautiful ads for Education First, live the language. These are some of the best commercials that I have ever seen-they romance you and I watched all of them, and fell in love over and over and over again with the sights, sounds and imagery of these exotic places not to mention all that gorgeous text and all those sexy people.

There are four ads made for London, Paris, Barcelona and Beijing and I just read that they are currently making one for Sydney. I hate to be so typical but below is the one for Paris…it is quite beautiful.

Now thanks to the wonders of technology- let’s go to Japan. I have been craving sushi so bad and this video only increases that longing-There is something about living in a land lock country (Armenia) that can make a girl skidish of raw fish. I sure there is some proverbial saying that would slip in nicely here-something about fish and water and hello kitty but I am not sure what it is.

This video is what I imagine meditation or countless hours of television does to your brain. Making your synapses fire on either a different plane or three to four seconds delayed-either way it makes me real relaxed and I like it a lot.

This clip is via Meet me At Mikes