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There is so much for me to love about Louise Bourgeois,  her name is my middle name and the same as my grandma and according to Wikipedia her major themes are; childhood trauma and hidden emotion, sexuality and fragility, architecture and memory. Louise described architecture as a visual expression of memory, or memory as a type of architecture. She is pretty amazing and a bit beyond my comprehension. I don’t really know how to talk about art but something in me likes her.

“What interests me is the conquering of the fear, the hiding, the running away from it, facing it, exorcising it, being ashamed of it, and, finally, being afraid of being afraid.”

Ode a l’oubli (translated means Ode to oblivion) this is a cloth book that she made and that was displayed at the MoMa.

Combined with the freedom to marry campaign she produced this work. Bourgeois worked with archival dyes on cloth with embroidery to depict an abstraction of two flowers joined on a single stem.

This is a huge spider

and this is the lady herself

The Spider, The Mistress and The Tangerine is a documentary about her work and her life.


This is your brain…..this is your brain on art……

Paola Antonelli the design curator of MOMA previews “Design and the Elastic Mind

This is so exciting and the projects that people are doing are sometimes strange, a little silly and quite often, revolutionary. The exhibit housed at The Museum of Modern Art, MOMA, is done and gone by, fittingly, thanks to technology it can still be explored and enjoyed at the MoMA Interactives web exhibit. The New York Times speaks about Design and the Elastic Mind as the most “uplifting show MoMA’s architecture and design department has presented since the museum reopened in 2004.” That is a stark contrast to the bleak worlds, allowed for due to science and technology, depicted in 1984 or Brave New World. Design and the Elastic Mind has relied on the power of societies perception of a dichotomy between science and art to merge the two, to create a sensually stimulating exhibit, that expands our understanding of them both. I don’t think I am making a leap in saying, science and art work to meet the same objective. They reach to explore the limits of our knowledge, and ourselves, as science dives into the depths of our understanding, using tools and technology, it is ushered along by everything we know,up to this point. Just as art is fueled by the combination of information, sensations, and perceptions, art combines and then is born in the synergy of everything prior. It dives into the depths of self and explores the  limits. Kurt Vonnegut said in his book, A man without a Country “…what you respond to in any work of art is the artist’s struggle against his or her limitations.” They are two little peas in a pod embarking on the unknown.

here are some pictures from Design and the Elastic Mind

Jonathan Harris, who I think might be my new favorite person on the internet, made this beautifully constructed website for seed magazine, phylotaxis. It is the space where science meets culture.

So I will stop belaboring this with- Werner Herzog, Cormac McCarthy, and a physicts named Lawrence Krauss as they discuss, science as an inspiration for art, on Science Friday. I just think that Werner Herzog has the greatest voice.

ok so one more thing Werner Herzog as a plastic bag produced by futurestates.