*this is a remix*

I was lying on the couch with self diagnosed, pink eye, low blood pressure, the flu and my period. As I was lying there I started thinking about all that was happening in my body; my lymphatic system to the rescue, my eye flushing out toxins, the fact that my metabolism had slowed down to fight off my illness and I wasn’t hungry therefor contributing to my low blood pressure and much more activities going on that my biology textbooks could explain.

Then I thought about the video I had watched earlier today and that everything is a remix and Austin Kleon who makes art that is a product of pieces of preexisting works….

Then I thought about life, my life in particular…..

so then I opened up paint

this is my body

Ok so that is pretty simple.
this is how ideas are formed (using cute kitties for your enjoyment)

But what can hold someone back from not dreaming and scheming up some new ideas? Their beliefs. The difference between and idea, as used in this context, and a thought is that an idea implies action, connection and newness. Is solves a problem, answers a question and alters a persons frame of reference. The reason that people don’t get there is because of their own ideas about reality and the nature of dreaming and beliefs.

So this is how someone changes their beliefs..

What does this all mean besides maybe I should find alternatives to developing my thoughts besides paint and flowcharts (eh, not anytime soon). Here is what I am thinking, in isolation and individually there isn’t much that a cell does to contribute the body system, information does to ones sense of meaning, or a belief can do to influence a person, but when these are placed inside of a larger context all of the sudden they blow up.

It isn’t just ideas that flourish in the community of information of other ideas, it is all of life (literally) that is allowed to fully be expressed when accompanied by others. Perhaps this is because we are looking, in the examples stated, in construction-building ideas, beliefs or bodies but it seems to me that there is an intrinsic quality that arises in all communities, everywhere.  Social movements, social units (family and friends and those that have them fair better in life and live longer, fact), religious groups, community collectives and ecosystems are all examples of the pervasiveness of collectives. They don’t just- exist, they-thrive and allow for connection and support and these communities allow for a deeper sense of meaning, fulfillment. I would even say that the cell is able to be more fully expressed, ideas can expand, beliefs alter the way a person reacts and interacts with the world (again connections!) all of these things are able to be measured in the observation of how they exist in relationships.

I am just thinking about the importance of sharing and selflessness in all that we do. Our ideas, just as our beliefs and our bodies, aren’t really ours. They are individual pieces that have been placed together because they were the the best pieces that fit into the puzzle when it was constructed and they can easily be broken, altered and changed-through collaboration, connection and man, that is evolution.

some more video-o