I just finished this book….

I am not one for book reviews because really I think a review tells of how in one particular moment the book or whatever it is affected you. It can be so relative to what you are doing in life or where you are at. So… here I am. 2011. in Armenia.

Generally I am not drawn to modern authors it isn’t because I am anti it is more so that there are so many great classics that I am itching to read but due to forces beyond my control I ended up reading this modern author, Haruki Murakam and his book The Wind-up Bird Chronicle.

Really, there is pretty slim pickings for books that I can read in this country. The books that I can easily acquire are located at the Peace corps office and lets just say there is a shelf for romantic literature and chick lit-not totally my bag. So this book looked alright within that context- sort of like how peanut butter looks like the most delicious meal on earth to me now, ok maybe that isn’t that much of a change.

Needless to say I am glad that this book ended up in my hands. It was an interesting read. It is long and at times took me  down these paths that initially I was uncertain of how it fit into the overall novel but as I got closer to the end it all seemed to fit together like a 1000 piece puzzle. It was sort of perfect for this time in my life as well as it grappled with questions of fate, determinism and a bunch of weird mumbo jumbo (which sounds more like a food than a term) that I sort of enjoyed.  More often than not I enjoy a book that gives me something that I can take away from it perhaps a new perspective, idea, some history, a little bit knowledge even if it just makes me run to the dictionary to look up words-i like that. This book gave me pieces of deeper concepts and some history but really it was just interesting and made me curious and kept me guessing the whole time-and sometimes, that can be more than enough. So all in all it was a good read and if my words hold weight, which they most likely don’t, I would recommend this book.

Books make my heart beat a little faster.

I am really excited because Kevin and I  just started reading A People’s History of the United States by Howard Zinn together. I can’t think of anything in this world that I think is cuter than that…

ok maybe I can….

It’s so cute!!!!!!!!!!!!